Keto 360

The Keto 360 plan incorporates the latest technology in machine learning to simplify your pool maintenance and provide you with the latest data on your pool, from anywhere, at anytime. You pool data will be securely stored in the cloud, and you will have 2-year historical access.

With the Keto 360 plan, the Keto AI cloud will harvest data from your pool skimmer to provide accurate mobile alerting. Examples include:

  • Clogged skimmer basket

  • Pump not running according to schedule

  • Water critically low

  • Pool water overfill

  • Water dilution or concentration due to weather patterns

  • Recommended amounts of chemicals

  • Algae bloom risk

  • Wave detection

The yearly subscription only amounts to ($8/month). A simple green algae bloom can cost $250 to get under control ($21/month)… which can be entirely prevented with Plainck. The choice is easy, tame the green beast with our powerful AI software.