Keto Basic

The Keto Basic plan comes standard with a purchase of Plainck. When you register your device, you will be prompted to create a user account on the Keto platform. For the first month, you will have a free trial of advanced features from the Keto 360 plan. After the trial expires, advanced features will be removed. You will however, retain core features such as:

  • Live monitoring through the mobile app

  • Access to real time pH, ORP, water level and temperature. No data history will be available.

  • Customer support & 1-year warranty period

The Keto Plainck ORP/pH electrode is designed for a minimum two year lifespan. For Basic Plan users, Plainck does provide a refurbishment plan for the pH/ORP sensor when its service life has expired. This refurbishment cost is discounted for Keto 360 subscribers. Discount upgrades to future Plainck devices are also included with the Keto 360 plan.