Frequently Asked Questions


How does Plainck work?

Plainck replaces an existing cover plate with a smart device. It does not float or add complication to your pool. Plainck is built with leading edge technology and sensors which monitor your pool chemistry. Due to the skimmer being in a fixed position, it also allows Plainck to measure your pool water level and detect if your pump is running, water is low or if your skimmer basket needs to be, or has been cleaned.

What chemicals does Plainck measure?

Plainck measures sanitizer and pH levels in your water. Sanitizer is measured through an ORP sensor, which correlates to safe levels of Chlorine.

The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) recommends an ORP level of 650 or higher. Therefore, as your ORP level changes with water contamination, Plainck will monitor and recommend for sanitizer (chlorine) to be added, or modifications to pH, if necessary. It will work with salt water pools.

Will it fit my skimmer?

Plainck is designed to fit over 90% of pools with the three (3) adaptor collars provided with the device. Square skimmer covers are not configured for Plainck at this time, but may be offered in the future.

The water level sensor range is approximately 2.75” to 7.75” depth from top of deck. The pH, ORP and temperature sensors are 7.75” depth from top of pool deck. If you have questions regarding the adaptability of your skimmer with Plainck, please send an email to

Is there a discount for bulk orders?

Keto offers discount pricing on subscription services when purchasing more than one device. Please contact for more information.

Do we ship internationally?

Keto does not ship internationally at this time, however we do intend to ship internationally in the future. If you have questions regarding an international order please contact for more information.

Can I share my Keto account with my pool service provider?

Through a subscription you can share your device with 3rd parties.

Do I need WiFi in my pool?

Yes. Plainck is a plug and play device that connects directly to WiFi. It is recommended that you determine WiFi strength at the pool skimmer cover location prior to purchase. Several WiFi extending devices are available on the market to increase WiFi strength to keep your Plainck connected. Plainck is also configured with Bluetooth for direct communication with your phone when in range.

Do you provide chemicals? Can Plainck inject chemicals?

Keto does not currently offer chemical subscription services or automated chemical injection. The Plainck device is configured to monitor and provide recommendations for chemicals required to balance your water.

Can I place chlorine tabs in my skimmer basket?

You should not place chlorine tablets (also called chlorine pucks) into your skimmer basket. Once your pump turns off, the tablets keep dissolving in your skimmer, forming highly acidic water. Once the pump is turned back on, this same acidic water goes straight into the filter which compromises the internal parts of your filter – cartridges, o-rings, and gaskets – forcing you to replace them earlier than normally necessary. Plainck will measure and tolerate the highly acidic water, however the lifespan of the sensors will be affected. An inline chlorine feeder is the most appropriate way to dispense chlorine in conventional pools. Alternatively, utilize floating chlorine dispensers in your pool to better distribute the chlorine sanitizer.